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Your zoning district determines what can be built on your property and which uses are allowed on your property, with regulations regarding a number of aspects, including building heights, setbacks, landscaping, parking, and fences. 

The Zoning Ordinance is part of the Cupertino Municipal Code, which regulates a range of issues including Tree Protection and Tree Removal, Signs and Special Events.  

Content on this webpage is informational. If there is an inconsistency between this information and the zoning ordinance, the zoning ordinance prevails.  

What is your Zoning?

To find out zoning information for your property you may do one of the following:
  • Search by address in the map embedded above (click on the color shape over your property for designation);
  • Search by address, assessor parcel number (APN), or owner name on this interactive map: Cupertino Property Information;
  • Download the Zoning Map; or
  • Contact the Planning Division at 408.777.3308

Once you identify your zoning designation, continue to the links below for the corresponding zoning ordinance and webpages. If your zoning designation does not appear below, please contact the Planning Division for details.

Residential Zoning Districts

Single-Family Residential (R1) Zones
The Single-Family zoning ordinance regulates detached single-family dwellings.

Single-Family Residential (R1) Zoning Ordinance 

Within the R1 zoning designation, some districts are subject to additional design requirements and development regulations.

Single-Family Residential Development

Residential Single-Family Cluster (R1C) Zones
The Residential Single-Family Cluster zoning ordinance regulates developments that use a more creative approach to land development by reducing the amount of street improvements and public utilities required in residential development, to conserve natural features and to provide more desirable aesthetic and efficient use of open space. 

Residential Single-Family Cluster (R1C) Zoning Ordinance

Residential Hillside (RHS) Zones
The Residential Hillside zoning ordinance regulates detached single-family dwellings on uneven or hilly terrain.

Residential Hillside (RHS) Zoning Ordinance

Residential Hillside Development

Residential Duplex (R2) Zones
The Residential Duplex zoning ordinance regulates two dwelling units under the same ownership on lots of at least 8,500 square feet. 

Residential Duplex (R2) Zoning Ordinance

Duplex Development

Multiple-Family Residential (R3) Zones
The Multiple-Family Residential zoning ordinance regulates three or more dwelling units on the same parcel, e.g. triplexes, fourplexes and apartments. 

Multiple-Family Residential (R3) Zoning Ordinance

Multiple-Family Residential Development

Non-Residential Zoning Districts

General Commercial (CG) Zones
The General Commercial zoning ordinance regulates retailing, offices and service establishments offering goods and services to the general public. 

General Commercial (CG) Zoning Ordinance

Light Industrial (ML) and Industrial Park (MP) Zones
The Light Industrial and Industrial Park zoning ordinance regulates certain industrial uses which are incompatible with commercial and residential uses or areas where development of light industrial parks are deemed appropriate.

Light Industrial (ML) and Industrial Park (MP) Zoning Ordinance

Administrative and Professional Office (OA & OP) Zones
The Administrative and Professional Office (OA) zoning ordinance regulates development of office space together with necessary landscaping and off-street parking facilities. The Planned Office zoning district is intended for large parcels over twenty-five acres on which development of professional administrative offices is deemed appropriate.

Administrative and Professional Office (OA & OP) Zoning Ordinance

Other Zoning Districts 
In addition to the Zoning Districts above, the City also has: 

Mixed-Use/Planned Development Zoning Districts

Planned Development (P) Zoning District
The Planned Development (P) Zoning District allows flexibility to property owners and developers to propose any form of development from residential projects to commercial and office projects or mixed use projects. The ordinance lays out the approval process for development in this zoning district.

Planned Development (P) Zoning Ordinance