Cupertino’s Legislative Agenda

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City of Cupertino’s Legislative Agenda

The City of Cupertino recognizes the need for an active legislative advocacy program focused on protecting and enhancing the interests of Cupertino’s residents and businesses.   Staff monitors and reviews legislative advocacy efforts being undertaken by the League of California Cities.  The League actively engages in legislative lobbying efforts at the State level on behalf of local municipalities. Cupertino actively monitors state legislation and takes appropriate action, when required, to protect the city’s interests and local legislative authority. Our legislative efforts include researching and monitoring state bills, preparing letters and related communications in response to proposed legislation, and working with our legislative representatives to promote the interests of our community.

The City of Cupertino's 2018 Legislative Platform is comprised of guiding principles that provide a framework for Cupertino’s regional, state, and federal legislative priorities. Going forward, adopted annually, the City’s Legislative Platform will serve as a reference guide for legislative positions and objectives that provide direction for the City Council and staff throughout the year. The Legislative Platform is the foundation of a focused advocacy strategy and can be found here

Two year Legislative Session ended on September 15.  Below are bills that Council has taken a formal position on. 

 Bill  Description  Author  Position  Status
 SB1  Transportation Funding  Beall  Support 1/24/17 Approved by Governor 4/28/17
 SB2  Affordable Housing  Atkin  Support 3/7/17 Approved by Governor 9/29/17
 SB3  Affordable Housing  Beall  Support 3/7/17 Approved by Governor 9/29/17
 SB 231  Stormwater Stewardship   Hertzberg  Support 5/2/17 Approved by Governor 10/6/17
 SB 649  Small Cell By-Right  Hueso  Oppose 6/6/17 Vetoed by Governor 10/15/17
 SB 35  By-Right Housing  Wiener  Oppose 6/21/16 Approved by Governor 9/29/17
 AB 262  Buy Clean CA   Bonta  Support 8/15/17 Approved by Governor 10/15/17 


City of Cupertino’s Legislation Support/Opposition Letters

Senate Bill 1 (Beall) – Notice of Support

Senate Bill 2 (Atkins) – Notice of Support

Senate Bill 3 (Beall) – Notice of Support

Senate Bill 231 (Hertzberg) – Notice of Support - Letter 1 

Senate Bill 231 (Hertzberg) – Notice of Support - Letter 2 

Senate Bill 649 (Hueso) – Notice of Opposition - Letter 1

Senate Bill 649 (Hueso) – Notice of Opposition - Letter 2 

Senate Bill 35 (Wiener) – Notice of Opposition

Assembly Bill 262 (Bonta) – Notice of Support

Letter to Urge Postponement of Bloom Energy Proposal