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Climate Action

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Taking Action on Climate and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Climate Action PlanCupertino’s path toward creating a healthy, livable and vibrant place for its current and future residents to learn, work and play is outlined in its Climate Action Plan. Cupertino’s Climate Action Plan ( CAP) is a strategy to put Cupertino on the path to achieve a 15% reduction in carbon emissions by the year 2020, 49% reduction by 2035 and 83% by 2050. The plan builds on the City’s broad past and ongoing environmental efforts and identified opportunities of additional action to achieve emissions reduction and support sustainable programs and practices in the City. 

Watch a VIDEO about Cupertino's climate action leadership. 

Progress Reports

Climate Action Plan

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Climate Change and Cupertino

Chapter 2: Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Targets

Chapter 3: Community-wide Reduction Measures

Chapter 4: Local Government Reduction Measures

Chapter 5: Climate Action: What’s My Role?

Chapter 6: Adaptation and Resiliency

Chapter 7: Benchmarks and Next Steps

Appendix A: Community Outreach Responses

Appendix B: GHG Inventory and Reductions Methodology

 Appendix C: Implementation Tracking Framework

Appendix D: Climate Action Planning Best Management Practices

Appendix E: Water Conservation and Energy Efficiency Toolkit

Appendix F: Green Business Certification

Appendix G: Green@School Certification