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Reducing energy use and increasing the use of renewable energy

It has never been easier to be part of the solution to air pollution and climate change. Using less electricity and natural gas and going with carbon-free clean electricity generation cuts down the release of pollutants – chemicals, particles and greenhouse gases – into the air we breathe. Because energy generated by fossil fuels is a major greenhouse gas producer, Cupertino’s Climate Action Plan aims to cut these emissions by 15% by 2020 and 49% by 2035 from 2010 levels. Sustainability depends on smarter choices in how we use energy and how it is generated. While doing the right thing, you also can save money on your energy bills.

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High energy bills? Sign up for a no cost service called HomeIntel that's now available to Silicon Valley Clean Energy and PG&E customers. Previous programs have saved 13% in energy use on average per home. HomeIntel provides an online analysis of your home based on smart meter data and custom recommendations to save money. An energy coach and email updates help you carry out your savings plan. To learn more and start saving, go to

Save Energy At Home & Work

  • Cupertino Do-It-Yourself Toolkit: Free CFLs, faucet aerators, a low-flow showerhead, weather stripping, a clothesline and more by checking out this toolkit from the Cupertino Library.
  • Home Upgrade: Homeowners in the Bay Area can choose a whole-house approach to saving energy and money. You'll reduce energy use, increase comfort, and add value to your home. Plus, get cash incentives and rebates!
    • Get support from a Free Home Upgrade Advisor! Home Upgrade Advisors can provide direct, unbiased assistance to inform you about energy efficiency options, help you select an appropriate contractor, review estimates or bids, and help you navigate project installation and financing processes.
  • GreenBiz Cupertino: Program for businesses to save energy and water, while cutting waste and costs

Choose 100%  Carbon Free Electricity

Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE): Get 100% carbon-free electric power from Cupertino’s default provider with automatic enrollment in 2017 unless you opt out for PG&E generation. 

Property Assessed Clean Energy

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is a type of financing used to fund property improvements associated with energy and water conservation in homes and businesses.

PACE Financing Covers: Heating and cooling; solar panels; Insulation; Roofing; Windows; Electric vehicle charging station; Drought tolerant landscaping; Greywater systems; Earthquake retrofits.

Other Resources

  • California Energy Commission: Official information on energy efficiency and green power for homes and businesses.
  • ENERGY STAR: Federal government information on products, strategies and tax credits. 

  • PG&E: Information on saving energy and money for homes and businesses through improvements, product rebates and other incentives.  

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