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Silicon Valley Clean Energy

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By the end of summer 2017, all Cupertino residents and businesses will be able to purchase clean, 100-percent carbon-free electricity at lower rates. For the first time, you have a choice of providers and of the level of renewable and carbon-free content in the electricity you purchase. As a result, our community contributes to cleaner air and less climate impact. 

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Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) automatically becomes your default provider unless you opt out to remain with PG&E for electricity generation. Either way, PG&E will continue to deliver your electricity, maintain power lines, bill you and provide customer service.

With SVCE, you have choices: the GreenStart program, in which you will be automatically enrolled; or the GreenPrime upgrade for even more renewable power content.  

See how the SVCE and PG&E choices stack up in terms of electricity generation content from carbon-free and renewable sources, as well as cost.

 Metering for Rooftop Solar

If you have rooftop solar, you will be enrolled in SVCE’s Net Energy Metering program, thought which you will receive full retail value for surplus generation.

Gradual Roll-Out in 2017

Automatic enrollment began in April 2017 and continues through July 2017. You will be notified via U.S. mail prior to your enrollment date, as well as after.

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