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Thinking About Going Solar or Getting an Electric Vehicle? Now is the Time!

The City of Cupertino is participating in SunShares, a group-purchasing program for solar panels, energy storage, electric vehicles, and electric vehicle charging stations . SunShares logo_cropped

 By pooling the buying power of individuals, SunShares gets discounted pricing from solar and electric vehicle providers. Anyone who lives in the Bay Ara is eligible to participate.

 Sign up by November 15, 2018.

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About SunShares

Sunshares is a project of the Business Council on Climate Change (BC3), a non-profit working with Bay Area businesses to take collective action on sustainability issues. Cupertino is an outreach partner.

 The City of Cupertino has no financial interest in the SunShares program and success of the program will have no financial impact on the City. While SunShares is offered to residents and employees living or working within the City of Cupertino, the City does not endorse the selected solar contractor(s) or electric vehicle manufacturer(s). Any resident who enters into the SunShares program does so in his/her personal capacity and his/her own risk and expressly holds the SunShares partners including the City of Cupertino harmless from any liability associated with his/her decision to participate in this program for services for his/her personal project.