Sustainability Essay Contest

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Cupertino Union School District Students in Grades 6-8

The Cupertino Sustainability Commission is excited to announce the Sustainability Essay Contest! By many measures, today’s young students will grow up in an era of constraints and challenges caused by sustainability issues. Examples of sustainability issues include climate change, necessity of climate-change adaptation, and new devices to reduce or eliminate further environmental degradation (such as electric cars, more recycling, protection of key habitats, eating less meat, and encouraging individuals to modify their habits) . Cupertino Union School District students in grades 6, 7, and 8 are invited to express their concerns and ideas regarding sustainability problems in Cupertino. The Sustainability Commission will select one winner per grade to receive a monetary award of up to $100.  


Thursday, March 7, 2019


Cupertino Sustainability Essay Contest Application


Applicants must be Cupertino Union School District students in grades 6, 7, or 8. Applicants need not reside in the City of Cupertino. However, the essay should address sustainability impacts in Cupertino.  

Examples of Essay Topics

  • How we can change our habits to lead to a more sustainable environment
  • How we can shop more sustainably, use reusable bags, and reduce packaging
  • Why we should walk, carpool, or bike to school, and how we can do it more often
  • How my family can compost more
  • How my family can improve how we sort waste
  • What new products support sustainability (electric cars, buses, boats, and airplanes; reusable containers, etc.) and how can I incorporate them into my life
  • Other sustainability topics

 Award Criteria

  1. Depth of understanding of the subject
  2. Plan of action to make life more sustainable
  3. Clarity of presentation: topic sentences, good format: introduction, supporting arguments, and concise conclusion
  4. Clarity and grammar of the text
  5. Proper length of essay

Essay Format

Essays must be 500 words or less. Please email a pdf file of your essay and a completed application to

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