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Transportation Alternatives

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More and more businesses and individuals in Cupertino are choosing environmentally friendly methods of transportation. The more our community can do, the better because transportation accounts for approximately 50 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in Silicon Valley.  

Every time you find an alternative to driving or drive a low-emission vehicle, you are helping to keep climate-changing carbon dioxide and air-polluting nitrous oxide, particulates and other substances out of the air. Walking, biking, carpooling, using public transit and telecommuting all put a dent in the number of cars on the road, and you also can benefit from exercise, better time use or cost savings. Replacing your personal vehicle or business fleet with a clean technology option reduces emissions. Electric vehicles are especially environmentally friendly when the electricity that powers them comes from carbon-free sources, such as those provided by Silicon Valley Clean Energy, Cupertino’s new default provider.    

Your efforts to get around with green transportation mean a healthier and more sustainable natural environment, enhancing our quality of life. Below are some resources to help you do so.

 Programs & Resources  

  • Alternative Transportation Resources: Get more information about alternative transportation programs in Cupertino, as well as from regional, state and national organizations. Get information on Cupertino’s public charging stations. 
  • Bike and Pedestrian Travel: Get information on walking and biking in Cupertino, including bike routes and lanes throughout the City.
  • Commute Alternatives: Choose the best way to get to work on the 511 website, a one-stop-shop for carpool ride matching, public transit options and bike-friendly routes in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • PlugStar EV Dealer Program: Use this directory from Plug in America to learn what electric vehicles are currently on the market.
  • Cupertino Climate Action Plan: Learn about actions for residents and businesses in this comprehensive plan. 
  • DriveClean Buying Guide: Compare greenhouse gas and smog ratings of cars, vans and trucks and see applicable tax breaks and other incentives for clean technology vehicles.
  • Safe Routes to School: Get maps showing appropriate routes for walking and biking to elementary and middle schools in the City.
  • Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE): Boost the environmental benefits of your electric vehicle with carbon-free power from Cupertino’s new default generation provider.
  • SunShares Discounts for Electric Vehicles: By pooling the buying power of individuals, SunShares gets discounted pricing from EV providers. Anyone who lives in the Bay Area is eligible to participate.

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