What is a Clean Water and Storm Protection Program?

On May 7, Cupertino City Council adopted a resolution directing a property owner ballot proceeding for the proposed 2019 Clean Water and Storm Protection Fee. See video for May 7 Council meeting, agenda item 8.

The proposed new fee can only be approved if the “yes” votes received at City Hall by 5:00 pm on July 5 exceed (by one vote) the “no” votes received at City Hall by July 5th at 5:00 pm. Votes sent by mail should be mailed early to ensure that they are counted.  

The proposed fee for an average-sized residential parcel is $44.42 per year. If approved it would be in addition to the annual 1992 storm drainage fee of $12 per year. The combined total of the 1992 fee and the new fee for an average-sized residential parcel will be $56.42 per year (or $4.70 per month). 

The exact fee for the voter’s property, or properties is included on the ballot that was mailed to the property owner on May 20th. Additionally, an interactive map showing fees for all parcels subject to the proposed fee is available near the bottom of this web page.

The new fee may be increased annually by not more than 3% in any given year, based on the CPI. However, the fee may only be increased in a given year if the findings of a citizen oversight committee verify the amount of the increase that is necessary and commensurate with the expenditures of the Clean Water and Storm Protection program for the preceding year, and if the City Council approves an increase in any given year at a public hearing.

The fee will continue to be charged annually, unless City Council votes to discontinue it.  

If Approved by Property Owners, the Fee Will Provide:

  • Timely pro-active maintenance of aging infrastructure to prevent unexpected failure and additional costs
  • Enhanced stormwater pollution prevention
  • Enhanced street sweeping services to pick up toxic particulates and heavy metals
  • More frequent inspection of storm drain inlets to proactively identify necessary repairs 
  • Water pollution prevention for our creeks, the Bay, and ocean
  • Expanded Environmental & Sustainability outreach & education
  • Litter/Vegetative Debris Removal
  • Environmental compliance oversight of construction site activities
  • More frequent storm drain cleaning to clear debris and prevent property flooding during rain events
  • Expedited response to  reports of Illicit discharge of pollutants to the drainage system and creeks
  • Residential rebates for installation of new on-site improvements to infiltrate, harvest, or retain rain water.
  • In addition, City Council directed staff to develop rebates for low-income households.  Staff recommendations will be considered at the City Council Meeting on August 20.

Next Steps Timeline 

Ballots will be mailed on May 20. Cupertino property owners have until July 5th to vote on the Clean Water and Storm Protection fee.  Ballots must be received at City Hall by July 5th at 5:00 pm in order to be counted. Ballots will be tabulated July 8-12 and the results will be reported at the City Council Meeting on July 16.

Fee Study

Based on the results of the survey, the City Council ordered a Fee Study be done. The fee study was adopted by Council at the March 5 City Council Meeting. If you missed the meeting, watch the video and read the fee report by clicking the links below:

How Do I Calculate The New Fee Based On My Single Family Residential Lot Size?



less than 0.13 acres

Less than 5,444 square feet



0.13 acres to 0.22 acres

5,445 to 9,800 square feet



0.23 acres to 0.40 acres

9,801 to 17,641 square feet



greater than 0.40 acres

Greater than 17,641 square feet



Search for an Address to see Potential Fee

 *Size is calculated using Esri ArcGIS software and may vary from official county records.  Final fees will be calculated based on Santa Clara County property records.  
**Property fee is proposed and based off calculated size of property.