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Water Conservation

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Water Conservation During Shelter-in-Place

For those working, learning, and otherwise spending more time at home, there are many opportunities to conserve water and save money on utilities while sheltering in place.

  • Learn the Tips & Tricks of Landscape Care and Conservation: Curious about native California plants and waterwise landscapes? Learn the basics in these fun and informative videos.
  • Save Water at Home with Free Toolkit: Valley Water’s free Water Wise Home Survey Do-It-Yourself Kit, which can be mailed directly to Cupertino residents, provides the tools needed to measure the flow rate of your shower, check for toilet leaks, and more. This interactive, family-friendly activity will help your household identify opportunities to reduce water use and save money. Once you test your fixtures, you can request free water-efficient showerheads, faucet aerators, and toilet flappers.
  • Get Started on Conservation Projects & Rebates: You can still research and make progress on water-conserving improvements to your home. Many projects, such as irrigation equipment upgrades or rainwater capture, may not require an onsite pre-inspection and can be fully completed through the online application process without delay.
    • Graywater, Laundry to Landscape: The City of Cupertino has partnered with the Santa Clara Water District to offer $400 to Cupertino residents who install qualifying Laundry to Landscape systems in their homes.
    • Landscape Conversion: Eligible residents and businesses can apply for a rebate from the Santa Clara Valley Water District to help offset the cost of replacing a lawn or pool with drought-tolerant landscaping. Cupertino is contributing an extra $1 per square foot rebate for lawn conversions. 
    • Rainwater Capture: Reduce cost of irrigating your landscape by harvesting rainwater from your roof. Cupertino residents can receive up to $70 per rain barrel and $2 per square foot of roof area converted to a rain garden.
    • Other rebates are available for certain water efficiency products and equipment for customers of the California Water Service Company and through the Santa Clara Valley Water District for customers of the San Jose Water Company.

Other Water Conservation Resources & Requirements

  • Water Use Restrictions: Get current information on mandatory and voluntary restrictions on water use in Cupertino.