Water Conservation

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Conserving a Precious Resource

The recent drought throughout California put a harsh spotlight on the importance of water conservation. Even in wet years, the way we use water matters. The water in our faucets may come from a river in another part of the state, a local reservoir or an underground aquifer. Whatever its source, once it goes down the drain it gets cleaned up and sent into the San Francisco Bay. From start to finish, our use and disposal of water impact fish, other aquatic wildlife and their ecosystem.

Water Conservation Resources & Requirements  

  • Do-It-Yourself Toolkit: Check out a Home Energy and Water Saving Toolkit from the Cupertino Library or any other Santa Clara County Library branch and get free faucet aerators, a low-flow showerhead and more.
  • Graywater, Laundry to Landscape: The City of Cupertino has partnered with the Santa Clara Water District to offer $400 to Cupertino residents who install qualifying Laundry to Landscape systems in their homes.
  • Landscape Conversion: Eligible residents and businesses can apply for a rebate from the Santa Clara Valley Water District to help offset the cost of replacing a lawn or pool with drought-tolerant landscaping. Cupertino is contributing an extra $1 per square foot rebate for lawn conversions. 
  • Water Surveys and Audits: The Santa Clara Valley Water District offers a Water Wise Survey Program including an in-person outdoor survey and a do-it-yourself indoor survey kit for all residents. Residential and commercial customers of the San Jose Water Company can request a free water audit to help identify ways to save.
  • Water Use Restrictions: Get current information on mandatory and voluntary restrictions on water use in Cupertino.