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Boosting Efficiency & Engagement

Server maintenance, software installations and tech support are crucial functions that are the province of a typical information technology, or IT, department. The City of Cupertino’s Innovation & Technology, or I&T, department does all of that and also is continually leveraging emerging and innovative technologies to improve and streamline business operations and services.

Some of the many diverse ways the I&T department is using technology to boost the efficiency of municipal operations and to more seamlessly connect constituents with City government include:  

  • A QR code system for the thousands of trees owned and maintained by the City with a mobile app that gives a dossier on each tagged tree;
  • An open data portal that serves as a gateway to municipal finance and budget info, geographical information system data, city infrastructure details and demographics data;  
  • An interactive map-based system that shows current and historical planning applications and building permits by street address;
  • And, technology-based communications platforms, such as this website and Cupertino’s government access television station, which highlight City issues, operations and services. 

Every major City function, operation and service relies upon support from the City’s I&T department, which is dedicated to providing superior delivery of information and technology services to city employees and constituents, while continually enhancing levels of engagement.

Municipal Technology Leadership 

The City is well on the way to becoming a leader in municipal technology development and deployment. The I&T department is continually rolling out additional Open Data Portal and Geographic Information System tools, new browser-based and mobile apps, business system improvements and infrastructure upgrades.

The City’s ideal location in Silicon Valley gives ready access to emerging technologies and technology talent. Another key resource that will help shape the City’s technology strategy is the Smart Region Initiative of Joint Venture Silicon Valley. Cupertino is a partner in this coalition, which was formed in April 2017 to identify regional approaches to municipal challenges in the areas of open data, communications technologies and digital inclusion.  

Divisions & Advisory Commission 

  • Applications Division: This division is responsible for development, procurement, project management, implementation and ongoing maintenance of all enterprise-level applications, e.g., Financial ERP, Land Based Management System and Recreation Software. Additionally, the division is responsible for the City's website and all online applications.
  • Infrastructure Division: This division provides for all technology-related expenses for the citywide management of information technology services. This includes responsibility for the help desk, local area network, wide area network and Wi-Fi availability and performance, security and compliance, incident response, disaster recovery and business continuity, implementation and upgrade project management, purchasing and inventory control, technical training and maintenance contract negotiations.
  • GIS Division: This division captures, manages, analyzes and displays all forms of geographically referenced information for the City. Through maps, globes, applications, reports and charts, it provides tools to view, understand, question, interpret and visualize the City in ways that reveal relationships, patterns and trends. Geographic information systems (GIS) help staff, citizens, business and development communities answer questions and solve problems by looking at the data in a way that is quickly understood and easily shared.
  • Video Division: This division operates the City Channel, which is Cupertino’s government access television station, provides multi-media support services and oversees video production for all City departments.
  • Advisory Commission: Cupertino’s Technology, Information, and Communication Commission serves as a citizens advisory body to the City Council on the community’s technology needs.   

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