Camp Cupertino

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Camp Cupertino is a fun and interactive recreational camp. Your kid will enjoy a variety of outdoor and indoor activities such as capture the flag, link tag, 4 corners, ice breakers, and much more. There will also be multiple crafts and activities throughout summer depending on the theme of the week, so get ready for another great summer!


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 Camp Cupertino 


7/31/2019-Creekside: walking field trip to Yogurtland 

8/2/2019- Memorial AM 6-9 & 9-11 will be having a Potluck at Memorial Park

8/2/2019- Creekside: Blackberry Farm Recreation and Pool

8/8/2019- Memorial PM 6-9 & 9-11 will be having a Potluck at Memorial Park

8/9/2019-Creekside: Memorial Park for our End of Summer Fun 

Camp Cupertino Memorial AM 

 Little chefs hard at work at Memorial Camp Pizzeria! 


DSC_0397DSC_0399 DSC_0355

Splash of fun at Camp Cupertino!




Camp Cupertino Memorial AM ages 9-11

Would it be summer camp without a game of Dodge ball? Campers vs Leaders, who will win?!DSC_0177DSC_0178


 Campers running away from the sharks as they play Sharks and Minnows. DSC_0225