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Weekly Activities

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What’s your superpower?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s . . . you! Whether you’re flying to the rescue or leaping tall buildings in a single bound, you’re bound to have fun discovering your inner superhero. Below are fun superhero themed activities you can do with your family!


No-Sew Superhero Cape
This is a superhero cape that anyone can make, from Design your own cape and help turn into the superhero you’ve always wanted to be! You can create and cut out your own design and decorating it, but an adult needs to run the hot glue gun!

What you need:

  • Colored T-Shirt
  • Felt
  • Foam Stars
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors


  1. Lay the tee shirt face down on a flat surface. Then, cut the shirt from the armpit to the neck, discarding the sleeves. Repeat for the other arm.
  2. Next, use scissors to trim around the collar on the front. Discard the front of the tee shirt.
  3. Lay the cape face down on a flat surface. Use felt to cut out a crest and your  initial. (Or the initial of your superhero name!) This is where it gets fun - cut our shapes and other things from the felt to design and decorate your cape.
  4. Place foam stars onto the cape as desired.
  5. Hot glue all items in place and let the glue cool and harden before wearing your cape.

To wear, slip the cape over your  head and watch them have superhero fun!


Getting to know you, Superhero

You’re a superhero famous for your daring feats. The whole world wants to know all about you. Answer the questions below to tell everyone what kind of superhero you are.

  • What is your superhero name? How did you get your name?
  • What are your superpowers?
  • Tell us about a time you saved the day.
  • How did you become a superhero?
  • What is a big problem you will use your superpowers to fix?
  • What does a superhero do when he goes on vacation?


Healthy Spinach Hulk Muffins

Every superhero needs the best fuel to keep them running strong. Find out if baking is your superpower making this tasty, veggie-filled treat. Get the Recipe!


Superhero Lightning Bolt
Create a superpower you can see and feel! This activity from can be done with items you likely have lying around the house.

What You Need:

  • Aluminum pie plate
  • Styrofoam (the kind they pack with electronics)
  • Glue
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Thumbtack
  • Wool sock

What You Do:

  1. Pierce the center of the pie plate with a thumbtack from the bottom up.
  2. Spike the bottom of the pen on top of the thumbtack. Glue it in place so it stands straight up.
  3. Rub the wool sock back and forth across the stryofoam to begin creating a charge.
  4. Grab the pen and treat it like a handle to lift the plate carefully on top of the Styrofoam. Make sure nobody touches the pie plate. If they do, the experiment won't work.
  5. Make sure the room is completely dark. Close all curtains, and shut off all the lights. Get ready for the lightning!
  6. Find a friend who wants to feel your self-made "lightning." Your chosen assistant will slowly bring their finger closer and closer to the aluminum plate. Then...ZAP!
  7. A small bolt of lightning should be visible to all, and whoever touched the pan will have felt a tiny spark. It will be audible if everyone is very quiet.

When you rubbed a sock on the styrofoam, you created static electricity. This is what happens when air moves inside clouds making ice and water droplets rub together. The positive electrical charge floats up to the top of clouds, while the negative charges stay at the bottom of clouds. This process causes an unstable separation of electrical charges and lightning is what equalizes the charges so they become balanced.

While real lightning is obviously much more powerful, this mini lightning bolt works on the same principal. The sock and Styrofoam create static electricity. The spark that jumps from the pie plate is like lightning, only much, much smaller in scale.

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