The Public Works Department, City Street Trees & Medians, is responsible for the planting and maintenance of approximately 15,000 street trees. Street trees are trees located on property in the public right-of-way throughout Cupertino.

City Street Trees & Medians Division  

The City of Cupertino, Municipal Code Chapter 14.12 – Trees, details the responsibilities of the City and property owners regarding the planting and care of street trees.

Property owners with street trees adjacent to their property have a responsibility to notify the City of any tree maintenance need by visiting the Cupertino 311 and selecting “Trees” topic. 

Median Islands

The Public Works Department Medians division is responsible for 56 medians comprising 31 acres.

Unimproved Areas

The Public Works Department Median Division is responsible for 22 acres of landscaped areas, including The Don Burnett Bridge.

Maintenance Responsibilities include:

  • Landscaping of median island trees/shrubs
  • Maintenance of median island arbors
  • Irrigation of median islands
  • Maintenance of right of way areas
  • Irrigation of right of way of areas
  • Installation of holiday lighting
  • City street tree planting
  • Tree Emergencies
  • Graffiti abatement at park/open space locations