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Bonds will be collected by the city prior to issuance of permits.  Bond totals will be equal to the full value of improvement costs plus a 15% Contingency. Bonds may be:

    1. Surety Bonds
    2. Cash/ Check / Credit Card
    3. Certificate of deposit or irrevocable letters of credit as approved by the City Attorney.

Bonds will be released in accordance with the retention schedule described in your Improvement Agreement, Encroachment Permit or Grading Permit. Please call the Public Works Department at 408.777.3354 or go online to the Online Permit Service Portal to schedule your final inspection.


Building permit applications for new construction and/or additions greater than 25% of the existing building square footage require Public Works review and are subject to off-site improvement requirements. Public Works will review the building permit applications and determine applicable fees in accordance with the city fee schedule. All Public Works fees are due prior to issuance of the Building Permit. 


3rd Party Review Deposits

The city will facilitate the 3rd party review on the applicant's behalf.  The applicant must pay all outside agency review fees.  An initial deposit is collected. In the event the review fees exceed the initial deposit, an additional deposit will be required. Any funds remaining in the deposit account will be refunded 90 after approval of improvement and/or grading plans.

*Geotechnical Review Deposit - Cost of Review + City Admin Fee

Required for soil disturbance greater than 50 cubic yards in hillside areas, soil disturbances greater than 100 cubic yards in hazardous areas, or as required by the Director of Public Works.

*Structural Review Deposit - Cost of Review + City Admin Fee

Required for retaining walls 4’ or higher measured from bottom of foundation to top of wall.