Bicycle and Pedestrian Travel

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Mary Ave Bicycle Footbridge

Cupertino Bicycling

Riding a bicycle is a great way to stay fit, reduce air pollution and traffic congestion. The City of Cupertino, through implementation of projects recommended in the Cupertino Bicycle Transportation Plan, is working toward establishing a comprehensive network of bicycle facilities throughout the City to encourage cycling by providing safe and convenient routes for doing so.

 Bicycle Transportation Plan Implementation



In June 2016, the City Council adopted the 2016 Bicycle Transportation PlanThe Plan is a long-range planning document designed to encourage bicycling as a safe, practical and healthy alternative to the motor vehicle.  It addresses present and future needs of the bicycling community, lays the groundwork for grant funding eligibility for bicycle projects, and is in close alignment with the goals set by the Cupertino Bicycle Pedestrian Commission to significantly increase the attractiveness and safety of bicycling throughout the City, with a particular focus on safe connectivity to schools.


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Walk Cupertino

Walking has proven health benefits for both physical and mental well being. Beyond that, it is an enjoyable way to get to know Cupertino and see businesses and other sites that are easily missed when driving. To encourage walking as a viable way to get around Cupertino, the City Council adopted the 2018 Pedestrian Transportation Plan in February 2018. The Plan outlines physical improvements to the City that will provide improved access for all ages and abilities.