In June 2016, the Cupertino City Council adopted the 2016 Bicycle Transportation Plan. The Plan identifies a prioritized list of projects that support and promote bicycling in Cupertino. It includes facilities like separated bikeways, bike boulevards, and The Loop, a bicycle route encircling Cupertino (described below).

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The Transportation Division has prioritized the following projects for implementation: 

Class IV Separated Bike Lanes
Existing Class II bike lanes on Stevens Creek Boulevard and McClellan Road will be upgraded to Class IV, separated bike lanes. Read more here...
Bike boulevards will provide a network of Class III shared bike routes along local residential streets, enhanced with traffic calming features to maintain low traffic volumes and speeds, providing bicycle-friendly alternatives to busy roadways.
bicycle wayfinding sign low resBicycle Wayfinding Program

A high quality bicycling environment includes both bicycle facilities and an easily navigable network. Bicycle wayfinding assists residents, tourists and visitors in finding key community destinations by bicycle. Signs may also include “distance to” information, which displays mileage to community destinations, as seen in Cupertino Bicycle Wayfinding Sign Figure

 Carmen Road Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge

The Carmen Road Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge will provide a safe connection for pedestrians and bicyclists between neighborhoods separated by Stevens Creek Blvd between Foothill Blvd and Phar Lap Dr.

The Loop Logo_SM

The Loop is a concept envisioned in the 2016 Bicycle Transportation Plan that consists of several off-street trail segments, that when combined with on-street connections would form a bicycle loop around Cupertino. 


The following active projects form part of The Loop:

Junipero Serra Trail

The Junipero Serra Trail will provide an off-street bicycle and pedestrian connection between the Don Burnett Bicycle-Pedestrian Bridge and Calabazas Creek, along the existing Junipero Serra Channel (south of Interstate 280).

Regnart Creek Trail
The Regnart Creek Trail will provide an off-street bicycle and pedestrian connection between Pacifica Drive and Creekside Park, along Regnart Creek. 

Linda Vista Trail

The Linda Vista Trail project is a proposal to open an old access road between McClellan Road and Linda Vista Park, along the eastern edge of Deep Cliff Golf Course. 

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