Bike Boulevards

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Project Overview
Cupertino is planning a network of bicycle-friendly routes along local residential streets throughout the City in order to encourage bicycling.  These “bike boulevards” will contain bicycle-friendly traffic-calming features, and are designated and designed to enhance livability and safety for people biking within the neighborhood, especially for those riders who may not feel comfortable traveling along the major streets. 
The City developed preliminary designs for the majority of the proposed bike boulevards identified in the 2016 Bicycle Transportation Plan.  The preliminary designs were updated and revised based on community feedback received at and subsequent to the May 2017 open house.  Below are the latest schematic designs for each bike boulevard route.  Implementation of these designs have been broken into neighborhoods for outreach and construction staging purposes. 

 Bike Blvd Design/Neighborhood Map

Preliminary Design

Hyannisport Bike Blvd Design
Santa Teresa / Terrace Bike Blvd Design
Fort Baker / Orange Bike Blvd Design
Shelly / Westacres / Kim Bike Blvd Design
East of De Anza Bike Blvd Design
Greenleaf / Merritt Bike Blvd Design
Portal Bike Blvd Design

Public Meetings

  • Open House

An Open House was held on May 6, 2017 to share the preliminary designs for the city bike boulevards routes around the City.
Overview Boards 

  • Neighborhood Workshops (Round 1)

The City conducted several smaller, more focused public meetings within the bike boulevard neighborhoods between September and December 2017.  The goal of these workshops was to gather further comments and concerns from the residents living along or near the proposed bike boulevard routes. 

  • City Council    

After concluding the focused neighborhood public workshops in December 2017, City staff presented an update on the project to City Council as a study session on February 6, 2018.  The presentation included a summary of each of the seven neighborhood workshops, highlighting the initial recommendations, comments received, and revised recommendations based on community feedback.

  • Neighborhood Workshops (Round 2) 

City staff plans to move forward with implementing the revised recommendations presented at the City Council meeting.  A second round of Neighborhood Workshops were held for neighborhoods #1, #2, and #5 between March and May 2018.  

Neighborhood Bike Boulevard Status

 Public Outreach
 Design Implementation
1 Complete Complete Summer 2019
2 Early 2019    Pending-Revised Preliminary Design -
3 Complete Complete Early 2019
(incorporated with Orange/Byrne Sidewalk Improvement Project)
In progress In progress Summer 2019
5 Complete Complete Summer 2019
6 Early 2019 Pending


7 Complete Complete Spring 2019




The bike boulevards are funded through a partnership with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) and the City.