Historic De Anza Trail Study

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Project Overview

The project is a proposed 5 mile trail that would be built alongside the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR), beginning in Saratoga and continuing north to Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve


The UPRR corridor is one of the trail segments envisioned in The Loop, a bicycle trail and street network outlined in the Council approved 2016 Bicycle Transportation PlanThis corridor is property of UPRR and is used to transport materials to and from the Lehigh Permanente Quarry. The corridor connects several Cupertino schools, residential neighborhoods, open space preserves, and would provide a regional bicycle connection that parallels Route 85. Saratoga has a trail built along this corridor called Joe’s Trail, a certified segment of the 1,200 mile Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail.Project Corridor MapJoes trail saratoga                                      Map of 5-mile Study Area                                                              Joe's Trail in Saratoga

Project Goals

The corridor is used today by many residents for jogging, walking, cycling, and dog-walking in its current, unimproved state. A formalized trail along this corridor would provide a safer alignment for trail users by creating a firm riding surface, removing obstacles, clearly assigning where pedestrians and cyclists should be, and could include amenities like water fountains, bicycle repair stations, trailheads, and lighting. Safety improvements to street crossings is also part of this study.

Project Status

The trail feasibility study kicked-off in March 2018. Over the summer the City hosted two pop-up events along the corridor to raise awareness about the project and also to invite passers-by to the open house on 6/21/18. The open house was held at Cupertino Community Hall and had visual materials available for public review (materials are below). If you were unable to attend the open house you can still review the materials on this web page and email in your comments. An onsite “walkshop” will be scheduled in the coming months and also two additional community meetings at a later phase of the project.


No funding has been allocated for the construction of a trail. Funding has only been allocated by Council to complete this study. The study itself will look at potential funding sources to build a trail. All potential alignments studied will be subject to review and negotiation with UPRR.

Community Engagement






Your opinion counts! Feedback from the community is critical to this process. We know that those who live along the corridor, and use it often, know it best. Your suggestions, questions, and ideas will help inform this study. All materials from community meetings will be posted here.

Recent Meetings/Events 

Upcoming Public Meetings

  • Date TBD, Cupertino Community Hall

Keep Me Posted! 

The City staff lead for this project is Chris Corrao, Senior Transit & Transportation Planner. If you would like to be added to the project email list, email chrisc@cupertino.org

Project Team

The City has hired Alta Planning & Design to lead this effort and to deliver a final feasibility study of the trail. Alta completed a previous study of this corridor with a similar vision, but for a trail that would connect to the Los Gatos Creek Trail. That study was a multi-jurisdictional effort, led by Cupertino, along with the cities of Saratoga, Campbell, Town of Los Gatos, County of Santa Clara, and Valley Transportation Authority (VTA). Alta has also worked on other similar creek and rail trails in our region and is well qualified to implement this type of study. The project team also includes Sandis Civil Engineers and Biotic Resources Group.

Project Staff Reports & Documents