Regnart Creek Trail

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Project Overview

The Regnart Creek Trail is one of the trail segments that would make up “The Loop”.  It will provide an off-street bicycle and pedestrian facility that runs parallel to the existing Regnart Creek and provide a connection between Torre Ave/Pacifica Drive and the existing Creekside Trail at E. Estates Drive.  The Regnart Creek Trail has been recognized as a vital connector of the neighborhood to local destinations in the vicinity of the creek, including the Cupertino Library and Civic Center, Wilson Park, and Creekside Park.  Importantly, the Regnart Creek Trail will also serve as a critical link for school children in their route to school and to access the above destinations.

Regnart Creek Trail Extents

The City Council meeting on August 21, 2018 was a milestone in the Regnart Creek Trail project and marked the conclusion of the Feasibility Study Phase of the project.  At this meeting, City Council unanimously voted to adopt Resolution No. 18-081, which approved the Regnart Creek Trail Feasibility Study, directed City staff to proceed with design and environmental review of the Regnart Creek Trail, and amended the FY18/19 budget to appropriate $380,000 to the Capital Improvement Fund for this purpose.

Project Update (February 15, 2019)

Staff has contracted with HMH Consulting Engineers to proceed with engineering design and environmental review of the Regnart Creek Trail.  Surveyors are currently assessing the creek trail to accurately determine available areas of improvement. In parallel to this, the City and the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) are working together regarding the requirements for minimum trail widths and protective railing adjacent to the creek. These items are expected to be better understood with survey information by the end of next week. Assuming there are no issues to cause delay, staff will then schedule a community meeting and one-on-ones with the residents who live adjacent to the creek in March.  The purpose of these meetings will be to understand individual property owner concerns and to include mitigation of these concerns into the project design to the extent practicable.  The best case scenario is that 65% design is complete in May.  Shortly after achieving the 65% design milestone, there will be a Council agenda item to accept the design and for staff to demonstrate how resident concerns were addressed.  If the design is accepted by Council, work will continue to 100% design with a recommendation to award construction going to Council as early as July. If awarded, construction would start in August and work would be completed as early as October.

Community Outreach

The design process will include rigorous outreach to residents living along the Regnart Creek Trail alignment to ensure that design elements which address resident concerns regarding safety and privacy are incorporated into the final trail design.  To kick-off that outreach process, City staff conducted a neighborhood meeting on the evening of Thursday, December 20, 2018 to listen to concerns about the project and to receive feedback from residents that will help guide the process moving forward.  City staff captured the comments heard during the meeting and has provided responses.

December 20, 2018 Comment Log & Responses 

Upcoming Public Meetings

  • Community Walkshop | Saturday, March 30, 2019 | 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. UPDATED!
    Meet at the access gates on Rodrigues Ave (parking is available at City Hall)
    City staff will be holding a community walkshop, where participants can walk the proposed trail alignment with City staff and project consultants.  The event will be very similar to the November 2017 walkshop that kicked off the project's feasibility study phase, but will also feature markings on the ground identifying the locations of proposed physical features so attendees can better visualize the trail amenities.  Residents who live directly adjacent to the trail are also welcome to bring site-specific questions regarding their property and fence treatment.  City staff also expects to have a calendar sign-up available for residents wanting to schedule further one-on-one time with City staff to discuss their specific property concerns.
  • One-on-One Resident Meetings | March 18, 2019 through April 12, 2019
    City staff will be conducting one-on-one meetings with each of the residents living adjacent to the proposed trail alignment where staff will meet each homeowner at their property.  The purpose of these meetings is to discuss the specific resident concerns related to the proposed trail improvements directly adjacent to the subject property.  Door hangers were distributed to these residences with instructions on how to schedule a meeting with City staff.  Several meeting requests have already been scheduled within the four week meeting window.

Santa Clara Valley Water District

Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) owns and maintains the right-of-way which contains Regnart Creek and its maintenance access road.  As a key stakeholder to the project, City staff will continue to engage SCVWD throughout the design process.

January 7, 2019 SCVWD Meeting Minutes

Recorded Documents

Joint Use Agreement (January 20, 2004)
Joint Use Agreement Amendment (February 6, 2008)

Project Timeline (subject to change)

 City Council Approval of Feasibility Study:  August 2018
 Engineering Design:

 December 2018 to August 2019

 Neighborhood Outreach:  March 2019 to July 2019
 City Council Review of 65% Design

 May 2019

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