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The City of Cupertino envisions an inviting and safe walking environment that promotes active living and healthy transportation choices, enhances the quality of life for all community members and visitors, and is a seamless and integral part of the City’s connected, multi‐modal transportation network. To achieve this vision, the City Council voted unanimously at their meeting of February 20, 2018 to adopt the City of Cupertino 2018 Pedestrian Transportation Plan.

In pursuit of this vision, the Plan’s goals are threefold:

  • Safety: Improve pedestrian safety and reduce the number and severity of pedestrian‐related collisions, injuries, and fatalities.
  • Access: Increase and improve pedestrian access to community destinations across the City of Cupertino for people of all ages and abilities. 
  • Connectivity:  Continue to develop a connected pedestrian network that fosters an enjoyable walking experience.

As a companion document to the 2016 Bicycle Transportation Plan, the 2018 Pedestrian Transportation Plan outlines the policy, programmatic and infrastructure recommendations to achieve these goals.