Cupertino Bicycle Sharing Pilot Program

Bicycle sharing systems can reduce local traffic congestion, improve local air quality, and is one of many City efforts to provide alternatives to driving alone. The City Council approved an 18-month pilot program in November of 2018.  The City is currently accepting applications from bike share vendors. This pilot program does not include e-scooters at this time.

What is Bicycle Sharing?

It is an innovative transportation program where a fleet of bicycles is available to the public for a small fee. Once a program is established, riders will be able to download an App, ride the bicycle to a destination, park it, and end the trip in the App. The bicycle is then available for the next person. It is ideal for short trips around town, one-way trips, and connecting to transit.

Vendor Information

The City is currently accepting applications for qualified vendors to operate public bicycle sharing systems in the community. Any vendor that meets the requirements contained in the documents below is welcome to apply.

Encroachment Permit Application & Guidelines

Applications must be accompanied by a $1,200 non-refundable application fee. Applications may be emailed or submitted in person, however application fees must be paid in person at 10300 Torre Ave, Cupertino, CA.

Project Manager: 

Chris Corrao, Senior Transportation Planner, (408) 777-3174