Community Shuttle

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The City is in the process of planning a community shuttle to connect Cupertino residents to local destinations and a growing regional transportation network. During Summer 2018, we conducted a survey to learn where the most popular destinations are, what times of the day people are most likely to ride, and other important details to help us plan an appropriate transit service for our community.

Thank you to those of you that participated! In total, 806 community members completed the shuttle survey, results are available below.

Survey Snapshot

For full survey results click here. Below are some takeaways from the survey:

  • 72% live in Cupertino
  • 8% work in Cupertino
  • 5% are students at De Anza College
  • 83% rarely or never use VTA bus service
  • 79% would use a shuttle to reach Caltrain if available
  • 76% prefer fewer stops with faster travel times (and shorter wait times)
  • 77% would walk to a shuttle to ride (versus bike, wheelchair, scooter, or vehicle drop-off)
  • 85% use an auto as primary form of transportation

Top Scoring Destinations:

  1. Caltrain Station 
  2. Cupertino Library/Civic Center
  3. Main Street Cupertino
  4. De Anza College
  5. Vallco
  6. Destinations along Stevens Creek/De Anza Blvds

Next Steps

In April 2019, staff will bring an item to City Council with a the results of the survey, along with a variety of Cupertino-specific options, with and a range of costs and service levels.

For additional information on this project please contact the project manager, Chris Corrao either by email: or by phone (408) 777-3174.