Suggested Routes to School Maps

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The City of Cupertino, in partnership with all Cupertino schools and both school districts, has developed maps to assist families in determining appropriate routes for biking and walking to school. The maps which have been created for all schools within Cupertino city limits highlight suggested walking and biking routes. They indicate estimated travel times and the locations of stop signs, crosswalks, traffic signals, crossing guards, crossing flags, bike lanes, and bike routes that are within the attendance boundary of each school. It is intended that these maps be used as a tool to help determine a route to school that best compliments a student's specific mode of travel.

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Collins Elementary School Map:

Cupertino High School Map:

Eaton Elementary School Map:

Faria Elementary School Map:

Garden Gate Elementary School Map:

Homestead High School Map:

Hyde Middle School Map:

Kennedy Middle School Map:

Lawson Middle School Map:

Lincoln Elementary School Map:

Monta Vista High School Map:

Regnart Elementary School Map:

Sedgwick Elementary School Map:

Stevens Creek Elementary School:

Please note that every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of these maps; however, field conditions change regularly and actual conditions may differ from those shown on the maps. Any errors, omissions, or comments about the maps may be brought to the attention of the Safe Routes to School team by emailing