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Green for Residents

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Taking Green Living Even Further

As you go about your daily life, the smallest actions can make a difference: walking instead of driving, planting a native tree, separating recyclables from trash, buying local produce and turning off unused lights, for example. Bigger actions might include: choosing an electric car, installing more efficient home insulation, purchasing energy-efficient appliances, replacing your lawn with drought-tolerant landscaping or installing a gray-water landscape irrigation system.

Actions such as these add up to a healthier and more sustainable natural environment, enhancing our quality of life. Cupertino residents, along with businesses and the City government, are making important strides in protecting our climate and our air, water and land. We are building on our accomplishments as a community to go further and further in reducing our impact on the environment and climate. The City and other organizations offer programs and information to help you take your personal green living plan to the next level.



  • Cupertino Climate Action Plan: See the programs for residents in chapter five.
  • Green-Around-Town: Take an online tour of environmental and sustainability actions.
  • Green Business Map: Support businesses that are protecting our local environment.
  • Green Events & Activities: See upcoming festivals, events and workshops.
  • Growing Greener Blocks: Invite an expert to your block party for a fun education on how to live greener.
  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Protecting Natural Resources
    • Energy: Get information on conserving electricity and natural gas and supporting 100-percent carbon-free electricity generation.
    • Transportation Alternatives: Get information on alternatives to driving.
    • Waste Reduction & Diversion: Get information on recycling, composting and other ways to keep waste out of landfills, as well as on proper disposal of household hazardous waste.
    • Water: Get information on how to reduce water use and keep harmful substances out of water sources and waterways.